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Welcome to the wiki site for the OpenMAMA Project. Here you will find all sorts of documentation relating to the project, including an overview of our development process, frequently asked questions, documentation on how to develop a middleware bridge, as well as instructions for building OpenMAMA.

Quick Links

OpenMAMA Source Code: website git repo

Build instructions: Linux & Windows

OpenMAMA Coding Standards: wiki

Quick Start Guide: website

Updated Quick Start Guide: wiki

Example walkthrough: website

Documentation and developers guides: website

Mailing lists and community communications: website

FAQ: website & wiki

Ongoing Projects

Quick Start

We're currently working on various initiatives to make starting with OpenMAMA easier. This includes RPM packaging and updated quick start documentation.

The current version of the quick start guide can be found here.

Continuous Integration Environment

The latest version of the continuous integration environment can be found at

You can find details of what the roadmap originally was over at OpenMAMA/OpenMAMDA Continuous Integration Roadmap, though it should be noted that this is now subject to review.

Middleware Bridge Documentation

Our bridge development documentation is continuously evolving, and should be used in conjunction with the QPid reference bridge to provide a basic overview of the functionality required for the implementation of an OpenMAMA middleware bridge. OpenMAMA Bridge Documentation

Reference Material


Frequently Asked Questions

Qpid Bridge

Testing OpenMAMA

OpenMAMA Development Process

Development process

Commit Guidelines

Patch submission

Patch review process

Release process

Bridge incorporation guidelines

Feature branch process

Continuous Integration

Visit our OpenMAMA homepage

Contribute to the OpenMAMA Wiki

At present the OpenMAMA wiki page is only editable by registered users, but we always welcome new contributors. Should you wish to help OpenMAMA develop it's documentation, please submit a request to be added as a user to: .

There are of course some guidelines to follow when contributing, but in general we appreciate any assistance provided.